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qizhen Aug 10 '17

Identification method of geothermal composite decking

and the structural floor can be better used in the ordinary environment. 4, moisture-proof film cut into a convenient heat conduction, some wood flooring company will damp film cut into many small mouth, the purpose is to ventilate, improve heat conduction effect. Ground water cement ratio in at least 17%, geothermal heating process, ground water constantly radiates outward through the moistureproof film damaged directly on the floor on the back, causing the floor arching, seam and floor color. Therefore,

we not only don't cut the damp film into many small mouth, but also use the plastic tape to make sure the film is airtight. This can avoid the moisture on the floor and the harm to the floor. Identification method of geothermal floor quality 1, how will the floor from the 3mm plane, and the cross section is pure white, wood color, and can be seen with the naked eye is meticulous, closely, namely wood density is very high. The contrast of the brand floor of the section was gray and black, rough texture, mixed with bark,

leaves and so on. We know that the higher the density of wood, the better its stability, the ability to adapt to the environment will be stronger, so consumptionA geothermal floor is a special floor that is heated by plastic pipes or heating cables concealed under the floor. Geothermal floor heating effect is good, environmental protection, health, widely used in home life. Maintenance of geothermal floor compared with ordinary floor maintenance, the process is much more complex, here we take a look at is how to maintain the geothermal heating? A, when first used to use geothermal heating by floor,

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